Empower yourself

The Bliss Institute offers courses, workshops and consultations so that you can be self-sufficient, healthy and thrive in today's world.

What we do

Planting seeds to grow a self-sufficient and blissful future.

At The Bliss Institute we believe that everyone already has the potential live a life of abundance, independence and prosperity. Through education, coaching and consulting we support you to achieve your goals.


Whether online or in-person on our off-the-grid farm, our courses will give you the knowledge and tools you need to shortcut years of trial and error to achieve your goals in food, health or financial abundance.


We distill years of experience into focused, actionable and hands-on learning sessions so you can hit the ground running on your projects.


Be confident that you are purchasing the right farm or homestead for you or get support planning and developing your property.


Viktoria Bliss

Viktoria specialises in adult education coming from a background in science of education and psychology. She creates engaging course content so that students' learning experiences are practical, interactive, fun and most importantly actionable.

She doesn't just works with minds, but also physically with people as a body-mind therapist at Bliss Therapy, as overcoming health issues and personal trauma are key to achieving one's goals.

Viktoria is a certified permaculture teacher and has trained with the founders. She is Austrian and lives in New Zealand for over 6 years.


Fraser Bliss

Fraser is the managing director of Ooooby - an organic food box service in New Zealand. In 2012 founded a local food marketplace and ecommerce platform called Farmwell so that growers can sell directly to consumers online.

Fraser has a background in economics and software and has worked for tech companies such as Workday and Nokia.

Fraser is a certified permaculture teacher, having trained with the founders in Australia and is an engaging speaker at international conferences. He is originally Canadian and lives on an off-the-grid permaculture farm in New Zealand.


What people say...

Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison

Founder of Permaculture

Fraser is a good researcher who is both clever and personable... His student feedback [at the Permaculture Institute] was 100% positive. I recommend Fraser or his services as an asset to your project or organisation.

Anita F.

Management Consultant

...Two wonderful teachers, who complement one another, it was a pure joy and learning at it´s best! Thank you!

Ann Ellis

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

The course was a fantastic overview of permaculture. Fraser made everything easy to understand.

aldo rall

I liked the new ideas, new perspectives, and real examples of making the permaculture principles real. It is practical. I have a better understanding of what to look for, plan, and budget for.


A great intro, good overview clearly laid out and presented.

Kath Lloydd

Fantastic it was online. Very informative. Reassured me I'm heading in the right direction thanks.

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